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Posted by: GerDon on 12/28/2023 9:41 AM

I tried listening to Bo earlier but couldn’t get past all the frikn commercials. Haven’t listened to him since the Zoo came back on. Thank God for the Zoo being back.

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Added by GerDon

Happy New Year everyone at the Zoo!! Keep up the good work!
Added by bill miles

"Thank god' ? I don't think so.
I say thank the KZEW keepers.
Love you guys !

Happy Zoo Year
Added by GerDon

I know so! And I thank everyone that has helped to bring back the Zoo. Chaz, Wildcard, Ira. Everyone. Thanx. Happy now Bill?
Added by Wildcard

You boys play nice! LOL!

Seriously, we really appreciate you all listening and financially supporting us. HAPPY ZOO YEAR EVERYONE!
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