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Posted by: GerDon on 1/11/2024 10:15 AM

Space Cowboy skipped.

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Just wanted y’all to know
Added by Billy W

I kinda wonder if it was a feature and not a bug. I mean Wildcard DID promise authenticity. Some goofs did make on the air back in the day. Skips, dead air and a long list of other goofs happen to all radio stations, even the Zoo. Looking back at the archives, some goofs were captured, misidentified track (Gimarc), accidentally aired phone call (Labella), skips (Gilmarc), missed cue (Tempie) and even bad language during a live call in show (Texas Sunday Review, Charley Jones). Although these were rare occurrences on the Zoo, it did seem to happen more often elsewhere, like on one unmentioned Krappy Sounding Country Station. ;)
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