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Little Wing. Who plays it better? SRV or Hendrix?

Posted by: admin on 8/1/2023 9:37 AM

I just heard SRVs version on the zoo and reminded me of this debate. Well, let's see what the zoo crew thinks. What say ye?

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Added by bobbyn

Both>>>> *hehe*
Added by bill miles

Oh come on. That's like comparing Fuji and a Gala apples. They are both delicious in their own way.
Added by Wildcard

True that they are both great. I think SRV's version is better (to me), he's just a cleaner player. (He also benefits from better recording tech). But that is in no way a slight on Jimi. Without Jimi, there would not have been SRV emulating him. No doubt Jimi was the greatest innovator of his time.
Added by Billy Dalton

Being from Dallas I'm going with SRV.
Added by Zoobie Doo

Jimi Hendrix
Added by chazmix

From just a listening standpoint it's SRV for me. The studio version is longer that Jimi's. And like Wildcard said, no dissing on Jimi as he is one of the greatest innovators and influences (see Trower) that there is. I'm good with anything at all from SRV!
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Added by The Bourbon Whisperer

Hold onto your hat, but my vote goes to Sting.

Jazz/ Blues virtuoso Hiram Bullock, most noted for his time with David Sanborn and Late Night with David Letterman, played the solo in one studio take backed by the Gil Evans Orchestra. Located on the Nothing Like the Sun album. Amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. Hiram was a heroin addict, and was later found dead in an alley in NYC. Such a musical loss.
Added by chazmix

I do love that Sting version and played when I had the chance through the years!!
Added by Wildcard

THE BOURBON WHISPERER has a good point. I think Sting (and whomever was involved in his bands/arrangements/productions) was a master at taking music and creating his own unique spin on it and always turned out Grammy-worthy stuff.
Added by GerDon

Tough question but I gotta pick Hendrix. The original. Stevie does Hendrix better than anyone else though.
I was living in Austin and was lucky enough to see him twice. But back then he was just a local guy/band. So was the Fabulous Thunderbirds. So when he was killed and afterwards I was devastated and grieved about him for few years before it eased up. Still think about him often especially when I hear him. I even have a couple framed pictures of him in my bedroom.
I think I have a little no more respect for Stevie than Hendrix. Hendrix died of asphyxia while intoxicated with barbiturates. Stevie had just got clean and sober when he was killed in the helicopter accident. I still think he got a Raw deal.
Added by GerDon

Whoops! Correction-more respect
Added by Oya9RJK

OK, no contest for this old swamp witch. It's Hendrix. However, I have NEVER heard a bum take on this song. SRV's was divine and it makes me cry every time.. And let's NOT forget Derek and the Dominoes' version, either. I've heard a killer version (again, just my opinion) by Jeff Healey.
And every damned bar band I heard in Fort Worth Texas between 1995 and 1998...yeah, they did it justice.
May we have peace in our lifetimes....
Added by Johnny Lee

Added by Wildcard

Sting's version was amazing. I agree with Chaz. So hard to cover that song after Jimi and Stevie touched it, so props to Sting.
Added by TNT

Rocky Athas plays a great version. As I never had the privilege to see Jimi or Stevie apply their craft, Rocky playing Little Wing is the best I have ever witnessed live.
Added by The Bourbon Whisperer

Another version I had forgotten I had is by then-child prodigy Eric Steckel. Recorded in 2006 at the age of 17, it can be found on his album Havana. Another stunning rendition. Now 34, he's had a number of outstanding albums to his name. Joe Bob says check it out.
Added by Mogwai

Stevie plays it best right handed, James plays it best left handed. Both are masterful. Hugs ZooMates!
Added by LoafDog

Happy to have joined this group! I have finally found my sweet spot! Hi friends!
Added by Dobbs

I like them both but am leaning towards SRV's.
Added by LoafDog

I'm with Bill Miles. We don't have to choose. Both delicious. Oh so good.
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