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New Website Poll

Posted by: Zoobie Doo on 6/1/2023 10:46 PM

Do you prefer:
Static full square image of album art?
Cropped rotating image of album art as is?

26 Replies
Added by Zoobie Doo

I appreciate the creativity but it is odd watching a cropped image of the cover rotating where the label should be. I prefer to appreciate the cover art as a full static image.
Added by GerDon

I like it the way it is. It’s not that big of deal. I guess it would be easier to see if it wasn’t spinning around. But I like the fact that it’s a record (vinyl) playing. I wasn’t expecting that. I think y’all should do whatever y’all wanna do. As long as y’all are on the air playing my kind of music is really the most important thing. So I vote to keep it the way it is.
Added by GerDon

Again I like it. It’s supposed to rotate. It’s a record. Keep it. Or not. Either way. The music is the most important.
Added by GerDon

Trapeze Medusa! First time I heard this was in the Zoo. Thanx to Jon Dillon. RIP.
Added by Wildcard

Yeah, JD meant so much to the ZOO. Remember Dillon's Dungeon?

We have lost several great talents in radio and some of their voices are still heard here to give them the honor they deserve.
Added by GerDon

Yup. It’s good to hear Jon’s voice. And I absolutely remember Dillon’s Dungeon. If I remember correctly I heard him play Kaptain Kopter and the Twirly Birds. I hauled ass to buy the album and it had only one good song on it.
Added by bostonfrog

I kind of like the spinning record
Added by GerDon

Me too! I think it’s cool. A tribute and reminder of the old Zoo.
Added by Angela

Makes me a little dizzy!
Added by bobbyn

the spinning vinyl reminds me of when i was a youngen and had my own record player. the trick not to get dizzy is dont follow it; i still get dizzy.....the music matters more but i would say keep it.
Added by Robert Wood

I like it as it is. I also watch some of the Youtube videos where they play vinyl sides or cuts on turntables like the one you show. I'm just glad you are still playing my favorite music. Keep on rockin!!
Added by Hunt James

I like it as is as well. It's part of the experience.
Added by GtoMorris

Love the spin!
Added by Katroi

Leave the record spinning but add subliminal hypnotic suggestions to make monthly financial donations.
Added by GerDon

Good idea! Wish I would’ve thought of that. Do it! Do whatever it takes to stay on the air. Right?
Added by rocknrob

Static works for me. I get dizzy watching it spin ...old age I guess!
Added by bill miles

Not to get to picky but you asked lol, Could you make the whole of the vinyl spin not just the album art?
It'd be cool to see the table speed light work too.
And another thing. How about making the turntable the whole screen. Put a link to all the chat on the header.
Just an old Zoo Freaks suggestions.
Added by Wildcard

Good ideas! We will continue to improve the zoo experience as we get more budget. Keep spreading the word. The more zoo listeners we get the better chances we have of making it happen. Keep the ideas coming and have a great weekend!
Added by Mark Murphy

I like the spinning image. Also like the suggestion to make the turntable fill the screen with links to the side or top.
Added by Johnny Lee

i think its way to cool
Added by bobbyn

cant break the tradition; this is a turntable, might be a little old school but if you are stoned and dont see it turning then you might on some really great acid, shrooms, even, hell, some mescaline. .... LOL>>> jk ya'lls, although sativa is excellent!! ROCK ON>>>>bobbyn
Added by Johnny Lee

Added by GerDon

We have both now. Thanx Wildcard.
Added by Mr Lonkers

I like the spinning, would be even cooler if the turntable spun!
Added by Johnny Lee

n0 ooooooooooo
Added by LoafDog

The illusion of the rotating label is cool, and most of us know those album labels. It might be a really unpopular opinion, and might demand some labor, but maybe keep the label rotating, and provide a static image elsewhere with significant facts, like the date of publication, etc. Just brainstorming. Honestly, I love the LP playing, but it's not vital that it be that large. What's important is that you are delivering great Rock 'n Roll! I live here at night.
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