We are community radio so why not be a guest DJ on THE ZOO?
Show us what you got and you might just hear yourself on the air!


Click record and allow your browser to access your mic. You can listen and re-record as many "takes" as you need. Then click send or cancel.

What can I say?

Tell us a funny story or fun fact about any artist we play, tell folks why you love the zoo and ask them to support the zoo, or just record your version of any tagline you hear on the zoo. Be creative. Have fun. Just keep it clean and don't mention your full name and nothing personal or political. If you want to be a sponsor of the zoo and have us mention your business, please .


Consider writing down what you want to say and practice your delivery before you start recording.

Limit background noise and use a good mic if possible. We can edit and clean up the recording on our end but we can only do so much.

Allow Access To Microphone?

Yes, your browser will prompt you. You have to allow access in order for us to capture your recording. We can only listen when you are in the act of recording. For the paranoid: Nothing is downloaded or saved on your device and we can't initiate listening from our side like the government can, so relax.

Why won't it send my recording?

We limit recordings to one per hour per IP to prevent spam. If you haven't sent one, and get an error, try another browser or device. We heard Chrome Browser works well. If your browser settings are too restrictive, it may not work for you.


You must be at least 18 years old to participate. We reserve the right to broadcast all or part of your recording.