Hi, my friends call me Wildcard.

I have created a unique concept in entertainment. With rare live concert footage from almost 200 classic rock artists remastered into HD, your guests use their phones to decide who takes the virtual stage and compete for prizes. Each show is unique and guaranteed fun for all your guests.

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Classic Rock Artists


Show Possibilities

From Dylan to Dio.

Amazing live performances remastered in HD.

These performances were captured before these artists were rock legends. Your guests will be thrilled to see and hear live versions of iconic songs as they compete for prizes. And the retro fashion adds to the fun!

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Folk Rock

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British Rock

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Progressive Rock

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Blues Rock

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Southern Rock

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Guitar Rock

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New Wave

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Metal Rock


Designed to entertain your guests every time!


Live performances remastered in HD for the very first time.


Every show is unique and tuned by your guests for the ulitmate fun!

Any Venue

Perfect for small venues and private parties to large festivals.

No Hassle

Plug-in-play system works with any standard house system.

Any Size Venue

We bring everything if you don't have it.

Free-Standing Screen · HD Projection System · Professional Sound System · Support Staff


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a live tribute band?

    No. THE ZOO Classic Rock Experience is an interactive video rock concert designed to entertain your guests all night long.

  • Is this a typical DJ setup that plays music for the audience to dance too?

    Well, you will see alot of head bobbing and air guitar, but THE ZOO Classic Rock Experience is more like a virtual rock concert.

  • What events are best for this show?

    The show works great as a fun and lower-cost alternative to live bands, to energize weekend happy hours, or as a warm-up show for live bands. It's also perfect for intermissions between live bands at festivals or in areas where musical entertainment is needed in tighter spaces like private events. The optional game element is also an ideal way to award gifts to your guests throughout your event.

  • What venues work best for this show?

    Venues of all sizes that are setup for live music are ideal because they will have a centralized video projection and sound system already in place. The show also works great in establishments that have a great sound system and TV panels throughout the place that can be linked together. But if A/V equipment is needed, it can be easily sized and rented for the show. Indoors or outdoors.

  • How many guests will the show accommodate?

    The show and game have been designed to work well with dozens to thousands of guests. From small venues to music festivals, THE ZOO Classic Rock Experience can scale to entertain any size audience.

  • How long is the show?

    The show is designed to run for any length of time and intermissions can be seamlessly inserted. Typical shows are around 2 hours. But since it is very flexible, the show can even entertain guests that come and go for all day events.

  • Can a business sponsor a show?

    Yes! Short video ads can be inserted into the show to promote upcoming events. The show works great as a unique marketing vehicle for corporate sponsors at any event.

  • Can the music be customized?

    Yes. We have everything from Dylan to Dio, and we can customize the artists to create the right mood for your event's needs. Need to exclude hard rock? Only include singer/songwriter artists? Make sure your favorites are covered? Not a problem. We have an extensive catalog of classic rock performances to keep the fun going for the duration of your event.


Order online now and help keep this great music alive for future generations and look supercool doing it!

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What is "THE ZOO"?

THE ZOO was a famous classic rock radio station (KZEW) in Dallas, Texas, that went on the air in 1973, during the height of the classic rock scene. As a huge fan of the station, I jumped at the chance to support a great group of guys at Vokal Media that brought the station back a few years ago as an internet radio stream. It really hit home to discover how many KZEW fans ('Zoo Freaks') were still around. So, as a nod to greatness, I named my rock show after the station and focus the show on the music they played.