Hi, my friends call me Wildcard.

I am a virtual rock show producer.

I have created an interactive video rock show from one of the largest collections of concert footage from the 60's, 70's, and 80's.

Designed to entertain your guests every time!

Stunning Performances

Authentic, live performances by the original artists when they were young, remastered for better sound and visuals.

Audience Engagement

Each show is unique and engaging since your guests vote on the artists that are played from hundreds of hours of rare concert footage.

Anywhere Anytime

My rock show is perfect for any size venue from bars and taprooms, to private events, and even works on huge video walls at festivals!

No Hassle

We provide the plug-in-play system for simple setup and a Zoo Crew member to host the show. Works with standard video walls or projector screens.

Amazing live performances like you've never seen before.

These performances were all captured back when the original artists first played their now iconic songs. Your guests will be thrilled to hear new and fresh versions of their favorite songs. And the retro fashion also adds to the fun!

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Folk Rock

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British Rock

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Progressive Rock

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Southern Rock

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Guitar Rock

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New Wave

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Synth Rock

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Metal Rock


I am a huge classic rock fan. I spent years collecting amazing and rare live concert footage. I started pulling it out and showing my footage to friends and they said "hey, I'll bet others would want to see this". They were right, so I got serious about putting it together into a fun and interactive show. As a musician with a background in sound engineering and technology, I carefully enhanced each performance and developed a software system to keep the music and good times flowing. Voilà! The rock show was born!

So what's "The Zoo"? The Zoo is a famous classic rock radio station in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, that went on the air in 1973, during the height of the (classic) rock scene. As a huge fan of the station, I jumped at the chance to support a great group of guys at Vokal Media that brought the station back online a few years ago in the form of an internet radio stream. It really hit home to discover how many fans ('Zoo Freaks') were still around, so as a nod to greatness, I named my rock show after the station and the focus of my show is on the music played on the station.